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Schimmel’s Glamorous Glass Piano

Sep 19, 2008 / Design

This isn’t a piano you can allow your kids to flounder with! As it is, Schimmel is the brand that is behind its creation; therefore, until your tot becomes an expert pianist, you dare not allow him/her touch it. Dubbed the K213, Schimmel chooses one of the most brittle yet elegant material; glass, to enclose […]

Schimmel’s K 208 Pegasus Oval Art Grand Piano

Mar 07, 2008 / Design

Designed by eccentric German designer and aerodynamics expert, Professor Luigi Colani, the K 208 Pegasus manages to “free the grand piano of its traditional form” and still produce superior quality sound when played. Professor Colani, who commutes between Tokyo, Los Angeles, Berlin and Paris, is at war with all corners and edges. So he paired […]

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