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Bespoke Couture For Man's Best Friend

Mar 14, 2018 / The Lux List

Decorated with 24K gold and matched with a choice of black Swarovski crystals or black diamonds, you’ll never see a more golden Labrador, dashing Dachshund, cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or pompous Pomeranian.

An Interview with La Montre Hermes CEO Laurent Dordet

Feb 14, 2018 / Style

La Montre Hermès CEO Laurent Dordet holds court on the playful and practical visions of time embodied in Hermès timepieces.

World's Most Expensive iPhone X Case Protector

Nov 07, 2017 / Gadgets

Crafted from Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium, Advent Aurora is the most expensive case in the world that looks just as good as your new iPhone X

Vintage chocolate by To'ak is sold out

Feb 10, 2017 / The Lux List

Forget vintage whiskys and get in line for some vintage chocolates that feature cocoa from Ecuador

US Couple Donate Art Collection to Musee d’Orsay

Oct 24, 2016 / Art Republik

Having fallen in love with art after a trip to Paris, an American couple is donating a portion of their collection to the famed Paris museum.

Extreme Extravagance: 18k Solid Gold Chess Set

Jul 18, 2016 / Collectibles

It is 1.2 kilograms of 18k solid gold, with a grand total of 4,874 diamonds, courtesy of the House of Solid Gold at only $370,000.

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