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Rimowa X Off-White Capsule Collection

Jun 10, 2018 / Style

The Rimowa X Off-White collaboration is emblematic of a meld of tradition and modernity as Rimowa simultaneously turns 120 years old.

Fashion Traveler Must-Have: Rimowa x Ong Shunmugam

Nov 23, 2016 / Fashion

Leading luggage maker Rimowa collaborates with homegrown fashion designer Ong Shunmugam for its debut fashion collection, Woman on A Mission.

LVMH Buys Majority Rimowa Stake for $716 million

Oct 05, 2016 / Travel

The world’s largest luxury group LVMH got a bit bigger Tuesday after a $716 million deal to take a majority position in German luggage maker Rimowa.

Smart Suitcase Will Follow Owner like Puppy

Jan 18, 2016 / Gadgets

A suitcase that follows its owner around like a puppy could be hitting the market after an Israeli robotics company created a prototype.

Say ‘goodbye’ to lost luggage

Sep 10, 2015 / Travel

The Tumi Global Locator will let you wirelessly track your bags anywhere in the world.

Louis Vuitton Create Custom Bags for BMW i8

Feb 28, 2014 / Cars and Bikes

Louis Vuitton has partnered up with BMW to debut a set of luggage pieces that match the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid.

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