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L'Officiel's 11th Anniversary Party

Mar 27, 2018 / Culture

Cutting-edge fashion, retro arcade games and a neon-lit landscape: we relive the highlights of our biggest night of the year

What Comes After X: Party Recap

Mar 22, 2017 / Events

Celebrating ten years as Asia’s most provocative luxury fashion magazine in one night. Watch what went down at L’Officiel Singapore’s 10th anniversary party

Chanel J12 XS: Tough Chick

Nov 27, 2016 / Jewellery

The first watch designed by Chanel with a masculine touch goes through a complete makeover and is now smaller, girlier and the most desirable it has ever been.

How to Live Consciously: 10-Step Program

Nov 26, 2016 / Fashion

Conscious Living – Want to help improve the lives of others on this planet but don’t know where to start? Here’s how.

Activity Tracker Vs. Mobility Device: Machine War

Nov 25, 2016 / Tech

One counts the steps you take. The other, well, takes those steps away. Which offers more bang for your buck? We try to find answers…

Wanderlust: L’Officiel Singapore November Issue

Nov 18, 2016 / Fashion

If you are dreaming of your next vacation right now, you can be sure you are not the only one. In fact, l’Officiel Singapore dedicated its latest issue to wanderlust, and aims to celebrate every aspect of it. This month Kim Cam Jones, one of Asia’s most influential voices in Fashion, takes over the cover and […]

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