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Kim Jong-il spent $700,000 every year on cognac

Jun 06, 2013 / Celebrities

Kim Jong Il had a 10,000-bottle wine cellar and reportedly had a cognac habit that cost him $700,000 a year.

North Korea leader sets world fashion trend

Apr 09, 2010 / Celebrities

The trademark suit sported by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is now in fashion worldwide thanks to his greatness, Pyongyang’s official website said Wednesday. Uriminzokkiri, quoting an article in communist party newspaper Rodong Sinmun, said the modest-looking suits have gripped people’s imagination and become a global vogue. “The reason is that the august image of […]

Kim Jong-il’s ‘six luxury trains’

Nov 16, 2009 / Travel

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il – who shuns air travel – has six luxurious special trains equipped with conference rooms, bedrooms and high-tech communication facilities, a South Korean newspaper says.

No yacht for Kim Jong-Il

Jul 21, 2009 / Yachts

Two luxury yachts, which were about to be shipped to China for the eventual use of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, have been impounded by Italian police in Viareggio. The yachts are valued at €13m, Ibinews (International Boat Industry) reports. Italy’s financial police, along with help from Austrian authorities, traced the yachts under a sting […]

Italian restaurant opens in North Korea

Mar 15, 2009 / Gastronomy

North Korea has opened its first “authentic” Italian restaurant on the orders of its leader, Kim Jong-Il, a pro-Pyongyang newspaper said Saturday. The Chosun Sinbo, often seen as a mouthpiece for North Korea’s communist regime, said the restaurant had proved to be a major hit after it opened in the capital Pyongyang in December. “I’ve […]

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