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Paris Hilton unveils her pet mansion

Jun 12, 2009 / Interiors

Paris Hilton has reportedly twittered pictures of her “Mini Doggie Mansion,” which is a miniature version of her own Beverly Hills mansion. The luxurious kennel comes complete with air conditioning, chandeliers, an ornate staircase, doggie wardrobe and miniature versions of her own furniture in a two-story construction overlooking her pool. I have to admit, I […]

Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House

Feb 19, 2009 / Interiors

After showing you the luxury doghouse complete with spa and 52-inch plasma TV, we bring you another kennel that brings luxury to your beloved pooch. Designed for uber-rich fashion-conscious pet owners, the Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House is a safe haven for your best friend. For the proper pup that appreciates the finer things, […]

The world’s most expensive kennel

Nov 28, 2008 / Interiors

Two pampered pooches will soon be moving into the world’s most expensive kennel, costing their owner a whopping £250,000 ($390,000) A dog-loving surgeon commissioned architect Andy Ramus to design this kennel for her two Great Danes, so they could live in the ‘yap’ of luxury. The deluxe 1,000 sq feet doghouse will be connected to […]

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