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Real Estate Investment in Ho Chi Minh City

Jul 07, 2017 / Properties

Over recent years, Ho Chi Minh City’s status as Vietnam’s main economic driver has made it the second-most popular market in Asia for real estate investors.

Real Estate Investment in Tokyo

Jul 05, 2017 / Properties

Despite worries about Japan’s economy, Tokyo proves to be a reliable income stream for investors with its high occupancy and liquidity rates—and good returns

Real Estate Investment in Shanghai

Jul 03, 2017 / Properties

With a promising economy and predictable growth trends, the Chinese city is drawing foreign investors looking to own luxury residences in the developing country.

Real Estate Investment in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Mar 13, 2017 / Properties

The two Australian cities offer alternative sub-tropics solutions to accommodate the ever-growing population and demand for luxury property

Real Estate investment in Australia: Guide on purchasing property in the Great Barrier Reef

Mar 05, 2017 / Properties

Palace magazine explores the Great Barrier Reef to see why Whitsunday Islands could be the next Caribbean

Invest in Berlin, Germany: art, nature and booming luxury property market

Dec 19, 2016 / Luxury Homes

The once divided city is now a vibrant melting pot in the east of Germany. Home to a budding art and music scene, Berliners have created a truly international capital. “Poor but sexy” is how a former Berlin mayor once described his city. To a large extent this is still how Berlin sees itself. However, […]

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