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World’s largest uncut diamond sells for $53 million

Sep 28, 2017 / Jewellery

After a failed Sotheby’s auction, the 1,109-carat diamond has now been sold to British jeweller Graff Diamonds, who already owns a smaller piece of the rough gem.

Emily DiDonato stars in Graff Diamonds campaign

Sep 24, 2015 / Jewellery

Graff reveals advertising campaign featuring 470 carats of diamonds, rubies & emeralds.

$25000 Beats by Dre: Superbowl Edition

Feb 04, 2014 / Gadgets

Beats and Graff Diamonds partnered to produce a line of limited Super Bowl Beats Pro headphones for every player… on both teams.

Blue Diamond Sells for Record $9.5 million

Apr 30, 2013 / Jewellery

An extremely rare blue diamond sold for £6.2 million ($9.5 million) at a London auction on Wednesday, setting a new world record for price per carat.

Graff Lesotho Promise Necklace

Aug 09, 2008 / Jewellery

Graff’s Lesotho Promise necklace was designed from the 603 carat Lesotho Promise diamond stone, the 15th largest rough diamond ever recovered, found in the Letsenf diamond mine in the African country of Lesotho. It was sold to Graff and its partner polishing company Safdico for $12.36 million in October last year. Graff who cut the […]

The Cutting of the Lesotho Promise

Feb 29, 2008 / Jewellery

The Lesotho Promise diamond which was bought by diamond dealer Laurence Graff in 2006 has been cut into 26 smaller diamonds varying in size from .52 carats to 76.41 carats each with a D Flawless grade. The 603-carat stone yielded 223.35 carats Graff bought the rough stone for $12.36 million and is expecting quite a […]

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