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Cheese made with gold costs £60 a slice

Nov 22, 2011 / Gastronomy

An award-winning British cheese maker has created what’s being called the most expensive cheese in Britain with its Stilton Gold, a premium white Stilton made with edible gold leaf and gold-flecked cinnamon schnapps. At £608 a kilo — Long Clawson’s Stilton Gold is bedecked in flecks of gold and is meant to be an extra […]

UK hotel unveils most expensive dessert

Oct 20, 2011 / Gastronomy

Chef Marc Guibert at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in Windermere, Cumbria has created the world’s most expensive dessert. It is made of exclusive ingredients like caviar and four different types of the finest Belgian chocolate flavoured with a combination of peach, orange and whiskey. Styled like a Faberge Easter egg, it is layered with […]

World’s Most Expensive Golden Cannoli $26,000

Oct 04, 2011 / Gastronomy

Restaurateur and Chef Jasper Mirabile Jr. has created the world’s most decadent, exclusive, delicious, but also expensive cannoli ever made. If your mouth isn’t watering, as of yet, let me share with you the ingredients: The base is made of rich dark chocolate, a whipped ricotta cheese filing mixed with candied lemon, chocolate and lemon […]

Diamond studded chocolate cake for lovers

Mar 20, 2009 / Gastronomy

Businessman Angelito Araneta Jr, 21, commissioned his catering service to create a chocolate cake topped with 15 African diamonds and covered with 24-karat gold leaf. Mr Araneta says he plans to sell the cake in Manila at 124,000 pesos ($13,480) to men for use as a marriage proposal gift. Source: MyPaper

Spa strikes gold with the anti-ageing 24-carat facial

Apr 01, 2008 / Beauty & Wellness

A gold-leaf facial is the latest beauty craze among ladies of a certain age. The Luxe 24 Karat Gold Facial uses the highest grade of gold leaf in an 80-minute procedure which costs $400. The flakes of gold leaf are laid on the face, before being massaged in. UMO – the company behind the facial […]

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