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Indonesia's Silolona Leads New Life: Yacht Style Charter Issue 2020

Jul 10, 2020 / Yachts

Pioneer of Indonesia’s luxury charter industry, the 50m Silolona is embarking on the 2020-21 charter season with a new lease of life.

Dunia Baru Offers Charter Guests Chance to See Indonesia's Big Five

Feb 17, 2020 / Yachts

The 51m phinisi Dunia Baru offers a superyacht safari in Indonesia that enables guests to track down a local version of the ‘big five’.

Charter in Asia: Exploring Wild, Wonderful Indonesia

Aug 23, 2019 / Yachts

Indonesia is a charter paradise, with luxurious, hand-built phinisis and primeval attractions like the Jurassic-like Raja Ampat and Komodo dragons.

Dunia Baru Building Eco Learning Center in Raja Ampat

Feb 12, 2019 / Yachts

Dunia Baru owner Mark Robba is developing an Eco Learning Center on Mansuar island in Raja Ampat with the strong support of the Sauwandarek village chief

Luxury Yacht Charters: Asia-Pacific

May 09, 2017 / Cars

We take a look at two of Indonesia’s most stunning fleets that allow you to explore scenic locations in luxury

Top 10 Yachts for Charter in Asia 2016

May 07, 2016 / Yachts

These 10 charter yachts are the ones to look out for should you be planning any water-bound vacations.

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