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Dior Eyes Contact Lenses

Jun 21, 2010 / Beauty & Wellness

John Galliano launched in 2004 a line of contact lenses that feature circles of glitter, gold or black to outline the iris. The colours only covers around the iris, but what’s special about them is that they showcase the famous “CD” logo. Dior Eyes, which are currently on sale in stores throughout Europe, retail at […]

Contact lens jewellery: The Eye Jewellery Project by Eric Klarenbeek lets you dangle diamonds from your eyeball

Sep 08, 2008 / Jewellery

The Eye Jewellery Project is a revolutionary concept by Dutch artist-designer Eric Klarenbeek, who combined contact lenses with a string of tiny crystals, like suspended tears dangling from your iris.

Swarovski studded contact lenses

Sep 04, 2008 / Jewellery

Looking for an extra sparkle in your eyes? According to Mami Magazine, designer Anthony Mallier from India has created ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses to make your eyes “Sparkle like they’ve never sparkled before.” The ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses are fused with tiny Swarovski crystals in a circle around the edges of the lenses. The ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses […]

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