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Personalized Plane from Cirrus

Dec 18, 2009 / Jets

The Xi package, just announced from Cirrus Aircraft, is a individualized experience allowing new Cirrus owners to create a one-off personalized aircraft. With the assistance of the design team, new Cirrus owners can choose the color scheme, materials, textures, stitching, exterior graphics and seating materials.

Private jet : the Cirrus Vision SJ50

Jul 12, 2008 / Jets

Cirrus Design Corporation announced that “Cirrus Vision SJ50” will be the new official name for its single-engine personal jet, formerly known as “The-Jet“. The Cirrus Vision made its first flight last week The name “Cirrus Vision SJ50” represents a natural extension of Cirrus’ vision to build the ultimate personal transportation machine,” said Cirrus CEO, Alan […]

Cirrus – The Jet

May 03, 2008 / Jets

Cirrus Design’s The Jet is a next-generation aircraft planned as a transition from the Cirrus SR22. The jet is not intended to compete with very light jets like the Eclipse 500 and the Cessna Citation Mustang. It is intended for the personal use market and will be comparable to the Diamond Aircraft Industries D-Jet. It […]

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