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The Krug Sharing set

Oct 01, 2012 / Wines and Spirits

The House of Krug has created The Sharing set; a new gift set designed to enhance and perfect the experience of tasting and sharing Krug champagne.

Bubbles key to New Year’s champagne: study

Dec 30, 2010 / Wines and Spirits

French researchers have found scientific evidence for what many champagne tipplers have long known — that the bubbles are the key to a good bubbly. The scientists found that the tiny bubbles “are the essence of fine champagnes and sparkling wines” and play a central role in the transfer of taste, aroma and texture, according […]

Celebrating the New Year with the latest art of champagne

Dec 30, 2009 / Wines and Spirits

As popping corks announce the New Year, champagne lovers can expect some radical new trends in the art of savouring a tipple that for centuries has been associated with celebration. The true connoisseur should ditch the traditional long-stemmed flutes and the saucer-shaped coupes and instead start drinking the sparkling white wine from elongated, tulip-shaped glasses, […]

Rare 19Th century Baccarat Champagne Glasses

Oct 07, 2008 / Wines and Spirits

This is a call to all champagne lovers! Rarest 19Th century Baccarat Champagne Glasses are up for sale. These are the extraordinarily rare pristine set of 12 Baccarat champagne glasses made in a pattern designed for the Imperial Russian court; slight variation on the Tsar pattern for the Russian Royal family’s exclusive use. What makes […]

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