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Hennessy Unveils XO Cognac with Swarovski

Mar 05, 2009 / Alcohol

Renowned cognac brand Hennessy has now unveiled the XO Exclusive Edition cognac festooned with 422 Swarovski crystals. Source: Bornrich

Antonio Lupi Unveils Entertaining MP3 Mirror

Jan 30, 2009 / Gadgets

Bathroom is definitely a place prepared for music listening, but music players usually installed there are not always compliant with safety standards. If so far we’ve seen all sorts of shower cabins and bathtubs incorporating entertainment systems, or speakers and TV sets designed especially to fit in the bathroom, why not an MP3 mirror? Antonio […]

Luxury wine coolers

Jan 16, 2009 / Alcohol

La Fraicheur, an Amsterdam-based company, invented and sells these most expensive wine coolers. Perfect for special occasions or just anytime you feel like sipping your favorite wine, these chillers allow you to load in the ice cubes and keep your wine at the perfect temperature for up to 1.5 hours. Available in three different editions, […]

Beckham’s Son Zooms In £50,000 Porsche Toy Car

Jan 07, 2009 / Collectibles

Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest Beckham’s son, owns a small ultra-sophisticated version of the Porsche handmade sports toy car powered by a diesel engine.

Ski Home Simulator

Jan 07, 2009 / Gadgets

Called the Ski Home Simulator, this recreational option has been tailored only for those with impressive bank accounts, who can also afford to take out quality leisure time. Meant only for the PC, you just have to plug it to your computer machine to enjoy 32 different courses taken from 18 real life venues that […]

Tonino Lamborghini Cigar Lighters & Cutter

Dec 24, 2008 / Cars and Bikes

Tonino offers a brand new collection of cigar lighters and cutters for those folks who own a Lamborghini or at least may want to look like they own one.

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