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3 Backpacks for Fall/Winter ’16

Jul 15, 2016 / Fashion

Holding all the essentials you need to get through the day, the backpack is far from nerdy this upcoming season.

Burberry Launches The Rucksack

May 25, 2016 / Fashion

This nifty backpack from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection packs a load of function and form.

Get Packing: Givenchy Backpacks by Ricardo Tisci

Apr 02, 2016 / Accessories

French fashion house Givenchy presents four of its signature backpack designs by Riccardo Tisci.

Moleskine Offers Higher End Leather Bags

Nov 23, 2015 / Fashion

Moleskine, the company famous for its stylish notebook collections, is set to launch a line of high-end leather bags.

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