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Vertu Ascent Ti Special Edition for ICM

Dec 02, 2009 / Tech

The luxury mobile phones manufacturer Vertu has launched a special edition of its Ascent Ti in support of the Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord Disorders. This special edition has been created to raise funds for the ICM charity with donations made from each Special Edition sale. The luxury mobile phone is handcrafted in England […]

Vertu Ascent Ti Mixed Metal collection

Sep 10, 2009 / Tech

Vertu has a new line-up of luxury devices. It’s called Ascent Ti Mixed Metal collection, and is set to start selling in September. The Knurled version features knurled rose gold side panels with rose gold keys and screws whilst the back is a specialized knurled rubber back. The other version is made of brushed titanium […]

Vertu’s Next Special Edition: Ascent Ti Neon

Aug 17, 2009 / Tech

If the Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon fibre collection failed to meet your requirements, the latest Ascent Ti collection might impress you. Dubbed the Vertu Ascent Ti Neon, it’s apparently designed with well-to-do women in mind. It’s slightly slimmer than the regular Ascent Ti, being less bulbous at the bottom to fit more snugly in a […]

Vertu unveils Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre collection

Aug 13, 2009 / Tech

Fans of luxury mobile phones will probably be interested in Vertu’s latest collection, called Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre. This collection is a follow up of the previous Ferrari editions and Racetrack Legends series. Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre will reportedly offer a 2 inch QVGA display, 3G, 4GB of internal memory and a 3.15MP camera […]

New Vertu Ferrari Ascent Ti Collection unveiled

Nov 05, 2008 / Tech

Vertu have launched in Hong Kong a new collection of Ascent Ti phones inspired by Ferrari’s cars. The Ferrari Ascent Ti collection consists of three phones directly inspired by Ferrari and named after their respective colors; a limited edition phone called the Nero and two special edition phones named Rosso and Giallo. The Nero phone […]

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