The Power of Timekeeping Showcased At The Asian Games 2018

Developed under complex technology to perform, Tissot presents 3 special edition watches to mark yet another year of shared success with the Asian Games.

Sep 13, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

Jakarta, Indonesia – Tissot SA

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard of the 18th Asian Games that took place in Jakarta Palembang, Indonesia this year from 18 August to 2 September 2018. The oldest and most prestigious event in the sporting calendar of Asia saw one of the highest numbers of athletes worldwide come together to compete for the pride of their country. As with all fields of competitive sports, the 16 days of Asian Games was greatly driven by enthusiasm, sportsmanship, discipline and of course, precision.

Tissot, having forged their relationship with the world of sports since 1938 has once again lent its expertise to the Asian Games. Under extreme demands of such competitiveness with athletes separated by only a thousandth of a second or a touch of a millisecond, Tissot has proven to stay on top of their game for the past 20 years of being the official timekeeper for the multi-sport event, held every four years, since their first appointment in 1998. This year, World of Watches got to witness the power of timekeeping at the finals game of basketball.

The Asian Games (Jakarta-Palembang) 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia – Tissot SA – Mohammad Yousof Vand of Iran in action during Men’s Basketball

“The Asian Games perfectly reflect the Tissot spirit by their diversity and dynamism and allow us to set ourselves apart with impeccable timekeeping and the most accurate measurement,”

At the women’s basketball finals, anticipation fills the stadium as the players from China and Korea dabble in circles to warm up for the championship. The game – whole 40 minutes of it (four quarter of 10 minutes each) – was intense as it was exhilarating. Every foul, block, steal and turnover was captured and marked by Tissot with supreme accuracy, keeping the audience informed till the very last second.

“The Asian Games perfectly reflect the Tissot spirit by their diversity and dynamism and allow us to set ourselves apart with impeccable timekeeping and the most accurate measurement, which further confirms the quality of our watches,” says François Thiébaud, Tissot President. “Even though we have provided our services to the Asian Games before, we strive to bring even more precision and innovation on every occasion, as we do for our watches. ‘Innovators by tradition’ is our motto and we stand by it.”

To commemorate the Asian Games, Tissot introduces three special edition watches from their existing collection, each featuring the Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang 2018 logo on the case back.

Tissot – Asian Games Special Edition TImepieces

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar

As one of the most successful launches of the brand, Tissot T-touch marks a significant step in watchmaking as the first tactile watch to make the field since 1999. The technology resembles the functions of professional sports equipment such as compass, altimeter dual-time zones set in intuitive features for the ease of consumers. Finished with a smooth red bracelet, the timepiece exudes a sporty, dynamic style, befitting the theme for the Asian Games.

Tissot Chrono XL Classic 

With a case diameter of 45mm, Tissot’s Chrono XL Classic offers a new contemporary style with sophisticated details. The chronograph function adds a touch of sporty, urban style juxtapose against its elegant bracelet.

Tissot PR 100

Take an iconic watch and slap on a special edition logo. The result is a treasure that encompasses heritage, essence and a memory you can revisit forever. The PR 100 timepiece is one of Tissot’s best-selling timepiece. Behind the classy facade, the PR 100 is a watch known for its impeccable precision and robustness and its stand for Tissot’s philosophy of high quality products.

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