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Chronoswiss Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency

The watchmaker becomes the first to articulate an official position on cryptocurrencies by accepting Bitcoin payments

Dec 15, 2017 | By Staff Writer

Chronoswiss Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency

Watchmaker Chronoswiss has the distinction of being the first luxury watch brand to accept crypto-currencies, providing yet another sign that the future of e-commerce for luxury brands may lie in Blockchain-powered applications. When the news broke online, a little over a month ago, via Hodinkee and Watchyouseek, it resulted in a swell of interest in online watch collecting community, with more than a few commentators expressing disbelief. Nevertheless, Chronoswiss is today the first luxury watch brand to officially accept crypto-currency, and the forward-thinking leadership at the brand deserves credit. Chronoswiss is a relatively young brand, and that means it is a little bolder than others. It had already ventured into e-commerce in 2015, which might be no great shakes overall, but one must remember that watch brands like IWC only ventured into selling online this year.

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