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Christian Louboutin’s Made to Measure Service: A Cinderella Experience

“If you can dream it, we can make it,” Christian Louboutin’s bespoke service is Cinderella’s experience in the flesh and now, for Christmas available with Mr. Louboutin himself

Oct 21, 2019 | By Julia Roxan

Retail therapy just got a whole lot easier – Thank You Christian Louboutin! Known for its iconic shiny, red-lacquered soles, Louboutin’s are one of the world’s most exclusive designer shoes. Treat yourself to the full Cinderella experience with the brand’s latest Made to Measure service. “If you can dream it, we can make it.”

Christian Louboutin’s Made to Measure Service: A Cinderella Experience

Become an integral part of Christian Louboutin’s new creative recipe. Your measurements matter! The Made to Measure service is a meticulous 8-step process to achieving the perfectly sculpted pair of shoes.

The journey begins at Christian Louboutin’s Paris Atelier, where brand enthusiasts have more than a dozen key points of their feet measured personally by the Atelier director. Upon completion, precise, three-dimensional imprints are made by stepping into foam moulds.

Clients are then spoilt for choice, with the opportunity to customise their preferred silhouette, heel height, toe shape, desired material and other embellishments. All elements of this one-of-a-kind shoe are both custom and handmade.

In a process dubbed as the Final Adjustment, three-dimensional foot casts are sculpted and handed over to artisans – who then create the shoe’s first draft by hand in leather before other specialists sew and assemble the final product. These drafts undergo multiple reassessments and adjustments before reaching their final, impeccably finished state. Every shoe is ultimately approved by Christian Louboutin, himself and clients are allowed immense involvement in the entire process, through the sharing of ideas and expectation.

Louboutin’s Made to Measure service, is an intricate year-long process with prices ranging from $3,400 (€3,000) for shoes to an estimated $4,000 (€3,500) for boots. Prices are also subjective to the complexity of the shoe and its materials. Christian Louboutin’s Paris Atelier is located at the 1st Arrondissement.

For those vacationing states-side this winter, Neiman Marcus is offering Christian Louboutin’s bespoke shoe service in their 2019 Christmas Fantasy Gift Collection. This time, the Cinderella Experience begins with a trip to Paris to see Christian himself where the namesake designer will take you to his favourite hangouts before guiding you on a tour of his original rue Jean Jacques Rousseau boutique.

From there, picking from among the latest collection for a base, you will then to be sent to Christian Louboutin atelier where the master artisans will then help you create your made-to-measure kicks and later, your day of design and creation ends with dinner and drinks at Michelin-starred restaurant Divellec. The evening concludes with a cabaret at the legendary Crazy Horse and then a restful night with Louboutin dreams at one of the signature suites at the Mandarin Oriental Paris on iconic rue Saint-Honoré. In a week or two, your one-of-a-kind made-to-measure Christian Louboutins are delivered to your door along with artist sketches by Louboutin himself.



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