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Chanel launching face stickers

Chanel will release black velvet double C stickers as part of the upcoming Collection Versailles de Chanel.

May 19, 2012 | By AFPRelaxnews

Chanel face stickers

Chanel’s Cruise collection at Versailles earlier this week didn’t disappoint in the beauty stakes, and now fashionistas will be able to recreate the Marie Antoinette-inspired aesthetic with the launch of Chanel logo beauty spot stickers.

For Monday’s runway show, Chanel’s creative director of makeup Peter Philips adorned models’ cheekbones with black velvet Chanel logo beauty spots. reports that the stickers recreating the effect will be available for sale in an upcoming line called Collection Versailles de Chanel.

“Last minute I added a subtle highlight with Mouche de Beauté,” said Philips, explaining the customized highlighter, a bold pink eyeshadow and CC stickers will form the forthcoming beauty set.

Chanel has previously enjoyed success with a collection of temporary jewelry-like tattoos inspired by Chanel symbols, cherry blossoms, and birds.

Chanel Cruise collection show versailles

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