New Blloc Smartphone is the World’s Best Smartphone You’ve Never Heard Of

A minimalistic smartphone that combines a power saving operating system with efficient hardware and intuitive messaging platform, Blloc is built to be the perfect daily communication and productivity tool.

May 21, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

Since the Nokia ‘matrix phone’ and the Light Phone 2, the new Blloc smartphone is the latest and perhaps greatest kid on the block sporting the minimalist technology.

Aimed to minimise distraction and curb screen addiction, the Blloc smartphone still contains your favourite functions for maximum performance and functionality.

One of the highlights of Blloc’s redesigned OS is its lasting battery life, capable of going hours beyond conventional phones due to its power saving operating system. Furthermore, its 3100 mAh capacity battery is fast charging enabled, a plus point for those constantly on the go.

New Blloc Smartphone is the World’s Best Smartphone You’ve Never Heard Of

Designed to work completely in monochrome, the Blloc’s OS saves incredible amounts of power by running everything in greyscale (something the Instagram app does too with its black white and red UI). However, will you need to view images, videos, webpages, etc. in color, simply place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and LCD display lights up in a full-spectrum color.

The key feature, called “the Root,” is Blloc’s take on what the home screen. It pulls all the relevant essentials of your smartphone — be it emails, Uber, weather, Google maps, WhatsApp or Spotify — into a monochrome interface. The simple OS does away much distraction, omitting all the flashing dots, numbers, banners, and notifications that commonly meet our eyes on our smartphones.

Whatever task it is, Blloc’s functions are designed to perform simultaneously yet seamlessly. The smartphone captures incredible pictures with a 13-megapixel sensor camera, with a dual-camera setup that’s capable of capturing RAW output and 4K video at 30fps. No worries on running dry of battery, as all these are boosted by the energy and memory efficient screen. It also offers 64GB of storage, Bluetooth and USB Type C connections.

In alignment with its concept, even the packaging of the smartphone embodies the minimalistic approach with a sealed black and white pouch.

Pre-order the Blloc Smartphone, currently still in a limited-edition Beta run, for €359 (approx. $567 SGD) from Blloc’s online store.

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