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Jo Malone London Launches Rare Teas Collection

Jo Malone London is launching a luxury collection of perfumes inspired by rare teas.

Mar 30, 2016 | By AFP Relaxnews

Unlike Jo Malone’s existing fragrances, which are often a combination of scents and ingredients, the range will include six single scent perfumes — silver needle, darjeeling, oolong, jade leaf, midnight black and golden needle teas — to maintain the purity of the aroma.

Each perfume has been made with handpicked tea leaves sourced from countries famous for their tea, including Japan, China and India. The scents were then created with an infusion method similar to actual tea brewing.

The six scents will come encased in a newly-designed bottle created especially for the range, the first time Jo Malone has created a new bottle for a fragrance in 25 years.

The collection will launch in stores on April 1 retailing at 240 pounds ($346) for a 175-ml. bottle.


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