BaselWorld 2018 Limited Edition Casio MR-G G2000HA

Manufactured using the traditional Japanese’s textured hammer tone technique, the bezel and band links are complete with a rugged hammered finish, embodying one-of-a-kind products imbued with their maker’s soul.

Apr 09, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

This wristwatch, G-Shock MRG G2000HA, is the latest edition to the G-Shock line of shock-resistant range unveiled at the Baselworld luxury watch event (March 22-27, 2018). This model, embodying the “Tetsu-Tsuba”, which means Iron Guard of a Japanese Sword, is symbolic of the samurai spirit in the Japanese tradition, following centuries long path of development in the hands of unnumbered artisans. The watch tells its owners’ proud stories in addition to fulfilling its role as a weapon. “Its value extends not only to the blade itself, but also to the koshirae (“fine craftsmanship”) applied to the sword fittings,” according to the watchmaker in a statement.

The metal exterior is finished with a unique, developed in cooperation with traditional Kyoto-style hammering master Bihou Asano.

The MR-G gets a stylish look this 2018 marked by the the surface layers which involved  a highly applied technique called “Arashi-Tuchime,” to obtain the pitted texture before the deep-hardening processing to achieve the desired effect.

Available in four textured tones of moulding, cutting, hammering and AIP® coating, the AIP® (arc ion plating) — is a registered trademark of KOBE Steel Ltd, which is integrated into the watch’s construction embodying ultimate strength and beauty of the MR-G. The ultimate result reveals a finished appearance that are both stoic and primitive.

Featuring the Dual disk display with two independently driven disk hands employed for the date and function displays, there’s also city codes (in blue) shown in a small window at 3 o’clock and water resistant up to 20-bar. Other functions of this solar-powered wristwatch, include shock-resistance, LED light (Super Illuminator), radio-controlled (Multi Band 6), GPS-controlled and smartphone link functions for automatic time adjustment and easy watch setting (world time for over 300 cities).

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