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Top Tips on How to Sell Your House

From curb appeal to sales negotiations, here are the essential to-knows behind how to successfully sell your home

Aug 10, 2023 | By Florence Sutton

Selling a house can be a momentous and complex endeavour laden with emotional and financial burdens both. Whether you’re a seasoned property trader or a first-time seller, navigating the intricate process of selling a house requires careful planning, strategic thinking and a bit of finesse. To help you ace the art of closing a deal, here are some essential tips that cover everything from enhancing curb appeal to negotiating like a pro. 

brown and white concrete house under blue sky during daytime

Beautiful red brick home at the end of a neighbourhood.

Oshawa, ON, Canada
Photo: Dillon Kydd

Working with A Third Party

Third parties like professional real estate agents or home staging companies can provide a valuable expertise and objectivity throughout the entire sale process. These experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and a fresh perspective that can enhance your selling strategy. If you want to sell your house in High Point NC, listing your home with a third-party seller can help you get a better deal and close a sale faster. A skilled real estate agent can also navigate the complexities of the market, accurately price your home, create compelling listings and negotiate effectively on your behalf. 

On the other hand, enlisting the services of a home staging company can transform your property into a showcase, strategically arranging the furniture and decor to highlight the property’s best features and create a welcoming ambiance for potential buyers. Collaborating with third-party professionals not only streamlines the selling process but also maximises your chances of achieving a successful and lucrative sale.

Address Repairs and Upgrades Thoughtfully

While it’s not necessary to completely renovate your home, addressing necessary repairs and strategic upgrades can significantly boost its appeal. Fix any glaring issues, such as leaky faucets or peeling paint. Additionally, consider making cost-effective upgrades that can provide a strong returns of investment such as modernising the kitchen or upgrading bathroom fixtures. Remember that potential buyers often value move-in-ready properties. Thoughtful improvements can make your house stand out in a competitive market.

Declutter and De-personalise

When prospective buyers walk through your house, they want to envision themselves living there. Decluttering and de-personalising your space is essential. Remove personal photographs, excessive decorations and non-essential items. A clutter-free environment allows buyers to see the potential of the space and visualiSe their own belongings in it.

  • Streamline personal items: remove personal photographs, family mementos and items that reflect your specific tastes. This allows buyers to imagine what their own experience of the space could be without distractions.
  • Create space: clear countertops, shelves and tables of unnecessary items. A clean, open space gives the impression of a larger, more inviting area. Consider temporarily storing items that are not essential for day-to-day living.
  • Neutralise decor: While your own bold and vibrant decor might be appealing to you, it’s best to create a neutral backdrop for potential buyers. Paint walls in neutral tones and opt for simple, universally appealing decor that won’t overwhelm.
  • Maximise storage: Buyers often open closets and cabinets to assess storage space. Make sure these areas are organised and tidy. If they’re packed with belongings, it could give the impression that there isn’t enough storage in the house.
brown wooden framed white padded chairs

Colorado, USA
Photo: Spacejoy

Showcase your Home’s Best Features

Highlight your property’s unique selling points. Whether it’s a stunning fireplace, a spacious kitchen, or a beautifully landscaped backyard, make sure these features take centre stage during showings. Consider professional photography and virtual tours to showcase your home’s best aspects, enticing potential buyers even before they step foot inside.

Strategic Staging and Furniture Arrangement

Maximise the impact of your home’s best features by strategically arranging furniture and decor. For instance, if your living room boasts a captivating fireplace, position seating areas around it to emphasise its charm. Similarly, if you have a large, open kitchen, consider placing a stylish dining table in the space to highlight its potential for entertaining guests. Thoughtful staging not only helps buyers visualise possibilities better but also adds a touch of aspirational lifestyle to the viewing experience.

Captivating Photography and Virtual Tours

High-quality photography is paramount in capturing the essence of your home’s best features. Hire a professional photographer who can expertly capture the angles, lighting, and ambiance that make these aspects shine. Furthermore, consider incorporating virtual tours or 3D walkthroughs. These immersive experiences allow potential buyers to explore your property as if they were physically there, giving them an in-depth understanding of your home’s layout and highlights.

Compelling Descriptions and Feature Highlights

Accompany your photographs with compelling descriptions that highlight the unique features of your home. Whether it’s the meticulously landscaped backyard oasis, the spa-like master bathroom, or the energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen, use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture in buyers’ minds. Create a list of standout features and benefits, and weave them into your marketing materials. By effectively communicating what makes your home special, you’re more likely to attract buyers who are genuinely interested in the aspects that set your property apart.

Price it Right from the Start

Accurately pricing your home is crucial. Overpricing can deter potential buyers while underpricing might lead to a loss of value. Conduct thorough research on current market trends and recent comparable sales in your neighbourhood; also, consult with real estate professionals to arrive at a competitive yet realistic price. To ensure you set the right price from the beginning, follow these steps:

  • Market research: study the current real estate market trends in your area. Understand whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market as this can influence your pricing strategy.
  • Comparable sales: research recent sales of homes similar to yours in your neighbourhood. Look for properties with similar square footage, features and conditions. These “comps” will help you gauge the appropriate price range.
  • Consult real estate professionals: enlist the assistance of experienced real estate agents. They possess a deep understanding of the local market and can provide insights based on their expertise. Their guidance can prevent the pitfalls of mis-pricing.
  • Consider appraisals: if you’re uncertain about the pricing, consider hiring a professional appraiser. An appraiser will evaluate your property objectively and provide an unbiased estimate of its value based on various factors.
white kitchen room set in Bloomington, USA
Photo: Aaron Huber

Harness the Power of Online Marketing

Online marketing can significantly amplify your reach and increase the visibility of your property. Create captivating and comprehensive listings that include high-resolution images, detailed descriptions and essential information about the house. To enhance the online experience, consider using virtual tours or interactive floor plans that allow potential buyers to explore the property virtually. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube can serve as valuable tools for showcasing your house to a wide audience. Engage with real estate groups and forums to share your listing and don’t underestimate the potential of targeted online advertisements to reach individuals actively searching for homes in your area.

Leverage Social Media and Online Communities

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can be powerful tools for showcasing your property. Create visually appealing posts with a mix of photos, videos and engaging captions that highlight the unique aspects of your home. Join local real estate groups and forums to share your listing and engage with potential buyers directly. Participating in discussions and offering valuable insights can help establish your credibility and attract more attention to your listing.

Utilise Targeted Online Advertising

Online advertising allows you to reach specific demographics and individuals actively searching for properties in your area. Platforms like Google Ads and social media platforms offer targeted advertising options that can maximise your listing’s exposure. By setting parameters such as location, budget and buyer preferences, you can ensure that your property is visible to the right audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting serious inquiries.

white and grey concrete building near swimming pool under clear sky during daytime
One of the hottest destinations in Costa Blanca, luxury homes situated in Campoamor, located near to the coast, golf course, and shopping center.

Guardamar del Segura, Spain
Photo: Frames for your Heart

Work with a Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent

Enlisting the expertise of a seasoned real estate agent can prove invaluable throughout the selling process. A knowledgeable agent brings market insights, negotiation skills, and a network of potential buyers to the table. They can guide you in pricing your home accurately, positioning it effectively in the market, and handling negotiations with buyers. A reputable agent will also manage the administrative aspects of the sale, including paperwork and legal requirements, easing your burden and ensuring a smooth transaction. Here are four key reasons why partnering with a real estate agent is essential:

  • Market expertise: real estate agents possess in-depth knowledge of local market trends and conditions. They can provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) that outlines the prices of recently sold properties in your area. This helps you set a competitive yet realistic asking price for your home.
  • Effective marketing: agents have access to multiple listing services (MLS) and other marketing channels. They can create compelling property listings that attract the attention of potential buyers. Their marketing strategies extend beyond online listings to include print materials, open houses and more.
  • Negotiation skills: negotiating with buyers and their agents can be challenging. A skilled real estate agent is experienced in handling negotiations to ensure you get the best possible deal. They can advocate for your interests while maintaining professionalism and objectivity.
  • Navigating complexity: Selling a house involves intricate legal and financial processes. A real estate agent is well-versed in the paperwork required, such as purchase agreements, disclosure forms and contingencies. They can guide you through each step and minimise risks.

Host Open Houses Strategically

Open houses provide an opportunity for potential buyers to experience your home firsthand. Plan and execute these events thoughtfully. Choose the timing wisely, aiming for weekends or evenings when more people are likely to be available. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by ensuring that the house is well-lit, pleasantly scented and properly staged. 

During the open house, consider offering refreshments and informational materials that highlight the property’s features. Engage with visitors, answer their questions and allow them to explore the space at their own pace. This personal interaction can help create a positive impression and establish a connection with potential buyers.

Be Flexible with Showings

The process of selling your house might disrupt your daily routine, but being flexible with showings is essential. Potential buyers might have varying schedules and accommodating their preferred viewing times can increase the chances of a successful sale. While it can be inconvenient, allowing last-minute showings or adjusting your schedule to accommodate visitors demonstrates your commitment to selling the property.

Keep the house consistently clean and tidy, as you never know when a potential buyer might request a viewing. The more accessible your property is, the more opportunities you’ll have to attract serious buyers.

Closing the Deal with the Buyer

As you approach the final stages of selling your house, closing the deal with the buyer becomes a pivotal moment. This phase involves coordinating various elements, including finalising the purchase price, addressing any contingencies and navigating the intricate paperwork. During this crucial step, open communication and collaboration with the buyer are paramount. Ensure that all agreed-upon terms are clearly outlined and understood by both parties. 

Be prepared for the home inspection and any potential negotiations that may arise based on its findings. Additionally, work closely with your real estate agent and legal professionals to ensure a smooth and legally compliant transaction. By maintaining transparency, responsiveness and a willingness to cooperate, you can pave the way for a successful closing that marks the transition of your property to its new owners.

brown and white wooden house near green trees under blue sky during daytime
Beautiful modern brick home in Oshawa, Ontario.

Oshawa, ON, Canada
Photo: Dillon Kydd

From curating curb appeal to mastering negotiation skills, each tip in this article contributes to creating a seamless and effective selling experience. Keep in mind that patience and persistence are key, as the real estate market can be unpredictable. By implementing these strategies, you’ll not only enhance the marketability of your property but also make the journey of selling your house a memorable step toward new opportunities. Remember, you have the power to shape the perception of your property and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

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