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Explore Safe-Haven Property Hunting with Palace 26

Another insightful read on luxury properties where Palace 26 devotes to property investment in safe-haven countries.

Nov 10, 2020 | By Joe Lim

In its 26th edition, Palace magazine provides sage advice on buying future-proof properties in key economic countries.

Palace 26

2020: Future-proof Living
Palace 26 is all pumped up despite the global pandemic. In this issue, we present some of the most beguiling luxury homes that are future-proofed to withstand market forces. What is it about these countries that provide a safe haven for property investors? We’ve gathered expert advice on the property outlook and where you should invest wisely in the current ebb and flow of various realty trends and forces.

Newham's Yard

Newham’s Yard South by One Global Property – Living room configuration

Property Buying: Shop Smart
Our Special Report highlights “Top Properties For Asian Buyers” where our eyes are on some sterling Asian homes located in Vietnam’s District 1 and 2; we also feature our realty brethrens across the causeway where city living in Kuala Lumpur beckons, and Conlay and Stonor 3 @ KLCC are some choice pickings; we even feature two posh residences in Paris where the city is witnessing a 21-century metropolis transformation, backed by an ambitious €26 billion transportation in the making… all this is part of the government’s effort to create the “Grand Paris”; there’s also London where the city is still undeniably recognised as the “top 3 destinations” for property investors. Here we, look at two properties – Newham’s Yard South and 101 on Cleveland; of course, Singapore offers some luxury property gems such as 3 Orchard-By-The-Park, South Beach Residences, and the grandiose vision of upcoming Guoco Midtown where the mixed-use paradigm of living, working, shopping, and playing is taking shape as we speak.

3 Orchard-By-The-Park

3 Orchard-By-The-Park’s alfresco and pool deck

All About Design
In terms of design trends, Palace 26 is not short on supply of inspiration. We got close to two design stalwarts – Antonio Citterio and Rodolfo Dordoni – for B&B Italia and Minotti, respectively. These design geniuses prove to the world that their functional and sleek furniture pieces are firm favourites among the design community. Citterio is also featured for his architectural merit when designing 3 Orchard-By-The-Park residences in Singapore. Read about why this luxury condominium in Tanglin area is a worthwhile investment to consider, here. It’s his first-ever luxury apartment project in Singapore where the apartments reap the spoils of the tropical climate and is a stone’s throw away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Sky Green Residential and Retail Tower

Sky Green Residential and Retail Tower, Taichung, Taiwan, designed by WOHA (photos by Kuomin Lee)

In terms of architectural trends, our regular contributor Olha Romanuik looks at eco-friendly-minded architectural firms who are leading the way in sustaintable design around the world. We cast the light on works from Shigeru Ban, Neri&Hu, and WOHA – all of which show the commonality of respecting the enviroment and create living spaces that take in its surroundings.

U Ship cruises by Uniworld

U Ship cruises by Uniworld

For lifestyle inspiration, we look at how travel will be like in 2021. From women-only travel plans to teen-focused cruises in Europe, these travel brands are evolving to suit different audiences even as we take safe measures during the pandemic.

So let Palace 26 reel you in for another insightful read where we provide knowledge and discernment to help you make wise choices in luxury property investment while enjoying the finer things in life. So cheers to grooming your property investment portfolio, stay safe and healthy, and chin up because, there are gems to pick in the luxury property market.

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