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Casa Wulf in Chile

This bespoke home made of wooden structures was designed to fulfill the client’s personal lifestyle and comfort as well as meet their levels of hopes and aspirations

Dec 20, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Casa Wulf in Quilanto, Frutillar

This elegant, bespoke home was custom-made for a client, located in the town of Quilanto, Frutillar. Built on a steep slope with views overlooking Lake Llanquihue, Casa Wulf spanned across three storeys and it has a natural balcony facing the water. The home was designed to fulfill the client’s personal lifestyle and comfort as well as meet their levels of hopes and aspirations.

The land’s steep slope defines a natural balcony towards Lake Llanquihu

Over at the balcony area, offers a vast view of the sky, overseeing the lake and the volcanoes. Among all the levels, the central floor gives access to the common use spaces, from which there’s a side staircase leading to the second level where the bedrooms and the roof decks are. There’s also a workshop at the basement level.

As seen on the ground level, the house is intersected by building elements fitted at specific sections to create distinctive spaces to house a kitchen and a dining area, including comfortable spaces for occupants to move around. With regards to the construction materials used, according to the architects, the “construction grows from a semi-buried reinforced concrete base which determines and serves as base to the rest of the house that is built on a metallic structural skeleton, which is supported and complemented by wooden structures.

Each level was constructed using different construction systems to portray a unique facade according to their role and location on the land. For example, the bedroom took advantage of the incoming sunlight and while also allowed the exposure of the interiors to the surrounding landscape.

Due to the land and the surroundings as well as the weather conditions, the architects had to consider the possibility of “achieving a site that favours energy efficiency aspects in terms of solar exposure, and related to strong rain and wind in winter.”

Completed in 2016 by Pe+Br+Re arquitectos, and designed by Alejandra Wulf, the seamless convergence of spaces were thoughtfully defined. This allowed the client to devote more time in his creative and personal pursuits as well as that special place at home to rest and relax.


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