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Beautifully Connected in Every Sense: S Residence

Yuuki Kitada Architect designed the interior of a high-rise residential building in Manhattan to showcase the essence of waterfall inspired from his trip to Angel Falls in Venezuela some years ago.

Nov 22, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

The Entrance Foyer

Occupying a top floor of the high-rise building located on the west side of Central Park in New York City, the apartment opens out to a beautiful view of the park facing east.

This 300 sqm apartment in New York consists of two units combined with a shared common corridor. And the homeowner wanted to have a water-like feature at the entrance to the apartment in feng shui style.

This layout makes it perfect to fit a waterfall display at the entrance of the foyer to evoke a sense of calm from the flowing water effect, the same effect that had inspired Japanese Architect and Designer Yuuki Kitadaon in his trip to Angel Falls in Canaima, Venezuela  some two or more decades ago.

Get The Look: Bringing Ideas to Life

Kitada’s design philosophy centers around a subtle sense of irony and the unexpected to bring back contemporary power and beauty. To expand his innovative ideas he thought it would be brilliant to add these elements and express them architecturally, from commercial and cultural to residential and retail architecture.

This is not the first time Kitada had worked on a residential project for Manhattan, he did numerous projects together with Peter Marino Architect on Manhattan’s residential projects in the Central Park area.

Among other major projects for Miho Museum, Stanford University Science and Engineering Quad and US Air Force Memorial, Yuuki Kitada had also been involved in prestigious retail design for big time clients such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior and Fendi.

He brings his interior experience into the S Residence and carefully selected construction materials to complement the theme of what it means to “draw people to enter that space like flying birds”.

The circular rotunda (dome) was created with the curved Macassar wall/doors and the dome ceiling at the middle of the corridor.

The hallway is plastered with Venetian wallpaper showing purity at the front but imitating the streaks and streams of rainfall towards the back, again to match an ambience of water flow.

In the master bathroom, sliding mirrors are used to maximise the view of Central Park while allowing the owner to relax in the bath.

Contemporary guests bathroom with hand-selected material to express the dynamic strength of the water’s flow.

As Vanilla Onyx stone slabs are soft in colours with grain that evoke the feeling of water, five bathrooms featured a variety of hand-selected stone slabs of white Onyx, Nero Dorato, Statuary White, Calacatta Gold, Honey Onyx, and Brazilian White.

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