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10 Bedroom Design Trends To Watch For This 2018

Are you looking for glamourous and trendy bedroom ideas or looking at renewing your master bedroom to start 2018 afresh? Maybe we can lend a hand, introducing a few latest interior design trends and decoration inspirations that you may want to look out for.

Feb 04, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

10 Bedroom Design Trends To Watch For This 2018

Every year sees the emergence of new trends, decorations and interior designs that are shaped to the liking of consumers. While some trends are here to stay, some faded and returned in different forms. But as long as trends are concerned, it will always continuously be in its transient state. How often have we been overwhelmed by the new looks, ideas and possibilities that stemmed from the global trade fairs or whenever there is a new catalogue launch. If you are thinking about a master bedroom overhaul, you may want to pay attention to the design trends and decoration inspirations that Instrument furniture put together for you here:

1. Monochrome

Black is to white and grey is to white, the term “Monochrome” does not only represent black and white. Whether you are playing along with the spectrum of black, pick a lighter intensity and mix several shades of these colours into your bedroom to accentuate with white that will effortlessly add a luxury touch.

2. Colour-Me-Happy

Pantone has named ‘ultra violet’ as the colour of the Year 2018 and the colour “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.” Add a little bit of purple to mix and match other colours of your choice to your bedroom decor. While in home decor it makes a variety of statements, from tradition and elegance to boldness and spirituality, says Pantone. Ultra Violet is also noted for its “mystical or spiritual quality,” associated with mindfulness practices and used as lighting in meditation spaces.

3. Four-Poster Beds

Love the unique and classic look of the four-poster beds? Let it make a come-back into our homes. Maintaining them are a lot easier and simpler these days as compared to their ancient designs. Four-poster beds still give a sense of romantic vibe to the master bedroom.

4. Marble

From bathroom and flooring to table tops and countertops, this material could be anywhere to complete the exclusive looks in the home. The luxurious marble finish is often sought-after for its durability, exquisite elegance and the material surface of the marble is pretty exotic that will add modern marvels and brighten up any bedroom setting.

5. Design Nightstands

The unique details are achieved through the skill of talented artisans. If this piece of nightstand stands out to you, this might just be what you are looking for – glossy, mirrored glass with touches of gold would be something unique to add to your home decor.

6. Wood Walls

Recycled, wood walls with different textures and grain patterns bring a touch of nature to your bedroom space to beautify the contemporary master bedrooms.

7. Pastel Tones

Neutral colours like white, beige or grey or pastel touches in accessories or a single wall blends well with the natural sunlight that flows through the spaces in the room, giving homeowners a sense of light and space.

8. The Power of Nature

Every year sees the emergence of new floral trends. But the idea is not to turn your bedroom into a forest. When you browse through the interior trending on instagram and Pinterest, it seems like potted plants, artificial flowers and terrariums are the recurring themes to be found in gardens, window boxes and interiors in 2018. They give a touch of life and vitality to the bedroom.

9. Black & White Furniture

Like many other colours, black will never go out of fashion. It may come and go but the trend will be revived again and return in different forms. This time, back to furniture like it used to be in the golden days. As a colour, black has a strong connection that is very easy to coordinate with pastel or even bright colours for a beautiful contrast. In case of doubt, the black and white will not disappoint.

10. Classic is Still a Style

Classic master bedrooms differs out our almost ordinary, daily furniture. They took after the form of carved wood, some curves and tails with the use of metal. These styles are often seen as classy and elegant, adding a touch of warmth and cosiness to match other of the bedroom furniture pieces.

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