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Colorful Luxury Yachts by Vasily Klyukin

Superyachts are getting a makeover, thanks to Russian entrepreneur Vasily Klyukin.

Jun 14, 2014 | By AFPRelaxnews

Blue Bird SuperYacht

SUPERYACHTS are getting a makeover, thanks to Russian entrepreneur Vasily Klyukin. The businessman is shaking up the jetset world with six striking yacht concepts, each based on an instantly recognizable theme.

White Swan Yacht

The series includes the “Red Shark“, a contemporary design featuring bold contours and sharp angles which represent the most terrifying of all water creatures. The 75-meter long, four-deck piece certainly makes an impact.

Red Shark SuperYacht

“There are no dolphins in the big money world, the sharks are all over the place, and if you see the yacht over 50 meters, you can be sure it’s owned by a business shark,” jokes Klyukin.

Red Shark Yacht

The luminous “Manhattan” is more serene, giving the impression of an illuminated floating skyline capped by a replica of the Empire State Building.

Manhattan Yacht

Conversely, the nostalgic “Mississippi” yacht features a retro design inspired by the paddle steamers of Mark Twain’s era, featuring an eye-catching glass and metal central wheel design detail.

Mississippi yacht

The magnificent “Mondrian” is fairly similar to a traditional yacht in terms of form, but its bold geometric colors make sure it stands out.

Mondrian Vasily Klyukin Yachts

“Mondrian inspired Yves Saint Laurent, Lola Prusak, the architects and designers all around the world,” explains Klyukin, who wanted to pay homage to the Dutch modernist.

Mondrian yacht

The “White Swan” is one of the most avant-garde designs, featuring a retractable neck which leads to a hidden open-air breakfast area.

White Swan superyacht

Meanwhile “Blue Bird” resembles a sports car with its streamlined physique and sharp contours.

Blue Bird Yacht

The series will be officially presented this September during the Monaco Yacht Show 2014. See the full series at

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