Lagoon Charters Start In Vietnam

Hong Kong-Vietnam Race sailors are familiar with the downhill spinnaker romp to Nha Trang in October, all over in a day or two. But what if one could fly in, hire a charter yacht, spend a relaxed week or ten days seeing the sights and sampling the lifestyle in this lovely part of Vietnam, and fly back out again? No hassles, and no responsibilities.

Apr 09, 2018 | By Yacht Style

Lagoon Charters Start In Vietnam

Simpson Yacht Charters has launched this brand-new charter destination with the arrival of the luxury sailing catamaran Ellen Sophia, a Lagoon 560 S2, safely skippered by a western captain who has much sailing experience in Southeast Asia, plus an onboard chef providing gourmet meals. Ellen Sophia has four large double cabins, all with ensuite bathrooms and separate entrances.

She is very well-equipped with air-conditioning and generators, a fully geared-up modern kitchen, and entertainment systems. A spacious flybridge, cockpit and foredeck with trampoline are the bases for sunbathing, lounging and dining. Inquire directly regarding rates and seasons.

So, apart from coastal sailing, wining and dining, what is to see? A Simpson Yacht Charter manager says that Nha Trang has been considered one of the 30 most beautiful areas in the world, due to its combination of beaches, city and beautiful islands all within close proximity.

Crewed Lagoon 560 is the perfect platform for holidaying and taking an unusual view of the Vietnam Coast

Mun Island famous for colourful coral and fish is so named because in its SE it has high-rise cliffs with caves and grottoes and startling stones are as black as ebony. Marine researchers and oceanographers head here, and it is known as one of Vietnam’s best places for snorkelling and diving.

Bich Dam fishing village in the Hon Tre island group, about a two-hour sail, has white sand beaches, clear blue waters and, being on the most remote island in Nha Trang Bay, is free from tourists almost year-around. Hon Lon Lighthouse is one of five oldest in Vietnam. It takes a good hour for really fit trekkers to reach.

Downtown Nha Trang and beam view of the Lagoon 560

Nha Phu Lagoon is in a pleasant bay 15 km north of Nha Trang Beach. Check out the orchid caves at Hoa Lan Spring, where beautiful blooms hang from rocky interiors, or sunbathe at An Binh Beach before heading to the nearby wildlife sanctuary where peacocks and deer roam on protected land. Nha Phu is also called Monkey Island because it has over 1,200 monkeys. The Soviet Union raised monkeys here to use for science studies. When it collapsed in 1989, the monkeys were abandoned to fend for themselves.

Coconut Island, known too as Dam Bay, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nha Trang Bay. Green coconuts are the piècede-résistance.

Diep Son Island is located in Van Phong Bay in Khanh Hoa Province. There are actually three islands connected to each other by sandbars. The place was little known until some social media posts brought visitors intrigued by the tiny archipelago.

Hon Mieu Island where Tri Nguyen Aquarium and Hon Mieu Fishing Village are located has simple, ancient buildings. The aquarium was built in 1971 by Le Can, a fisherman who hired locals to build a dam, thus forming a large pond which has become a sort of marine museum.

Doc Lech Beach is a white sand stretch 55 km north of Nha Trang City. Here Vietnamese culture and beach-bum lifestyles seem to mesh perfectly.

Ninh Van Bay, where one can anchor off the Six Senses Resort, Whale Island with its French colonial background, and Salanganes Island in Cam Ranh Bay, famous for swallow’s nest ingredients of bird’s nest soup, are other attractions.

For more information, please visit or contact Tam Son Yachting, the Lagoon sales agent in Vietnam at [email protected].

Words Janet Ridley | Images courtesy of Lagoon

*** This article is republished from Issue 42 of Yacht Style.

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