Camal Studio’s Aznom SerpaS Sports Car

The Aznom SerpaS sports car with its handcraft aluminum exterior, reduced height and additional new features, show a new interpretation of style, staying true to the automaker’s techniques and workmanship of the past.

Dec 27, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

The new custom sports car Aznom SerpaS has been rolled out of the Italian automobile designer’s studio Camal most recently, showcasing the finished work of the SerpaS that is built around a tubular frame, with carbon fiber panels and a sturdy aluminum body, which had to be assembled manually.

The project was helmed and funded by the carbon fiber accessories maker Aznom located in Monza, Italy. Designed to resemble a ‘Snake’ or ‘Serpent’, the overall look of the brand-new custom sports car presents the Aznom SerpaS in a shiny and effortlessly smooth design, yet futuristic in every sense.

Camal Studio’s Aznom SerpaS Sports Car

Under the bonnet, the car specifications include a 2.6-litre, V8 engine producing 363 hp and delivering 276.5 Nm of torque. No information has been revealed about the sports car’s interior, but we do know that the Aznom SerpaS sports car is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 900 kilograms and that’s under 2,000 pounds.

The racer car is generally expected to be finished in the Italian retro style. Commissioned by Aznom of Monza, well known for the customisation of special cars and creation of luxury accessories, the SerpaS project is a new interpretation of style into a radical vehicle with a nostalgic appeal to the techniques and workmanship of the past.

Under the hood, the interior is seemingly simple in design, with the two driver seats fitted in trimmed leather and in two dark coloured tones.

If you take a closer look at the Aznom SerpaS, this sports car features a a reduced height and a handcrafted aluminum body. With the lack of doors, the roof and windscreen, will make the racer car very much like its predecessors from the golden age of racetrack.

The Aznom SerpaS is expected to be available in 2020. For more information about Camal Studio, visit here.

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