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Spyker Preliator: Warrior’s Comeback at Geneva

The boutique carmaker returns with a model that aims to win on style and exoticism.

Mar 10, 2016 | By Staff Writer

The “Preliator” name, which means “fighter” or “warrior” in Latin, is a fitting name for the car that signals Dutch boutique supercar maker Spyker’s comeback at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Spyker almost didn’t make it – in fact the company almost went under – but the show’s organizers were considerate enough to allow them a spot among the other boutique carmakers.

CEO Victor R. Muller’s strategy for the Preliator, and the brand in general, is to push its exoticism. In a statement, Muller noted that “Our car is on average the seventh car in the collection of an owner. It’s a car that they buy because it is so different”. Spykers, apparently, are cars that are kept – almost three-quarters of all Spykers are still with their original owners – as collectibles and because of this, their values have soared.

“They all end up in the hands of collectors who cherish them” said Muller. Looking at the design you can get an idea why. The Preliator aims to be even more inspired than Spyker’s aviation heritage than any other previous models. From propeller design in the first generation, to turbine engine inspired design in the second, the emphasis for this generation of Spyker cars has shifted to submerged air intakes, or NACA-ducts, as used in the aviation industry.


Other design choices include a glass canopy with reflective gold coating as used in jet fighters applied to it; replacement of the air-scoop on the canopy by a NACA duct to reduce drag; small ailerons added on the front splitter and side skirts to redirect the airflow optimally; and the abandonment of shark like gills for a cleaner, smoother, and fresher overall appearance.

The Spyker C8 Preliator is available in 16 standard colors, but customers may choose any color they wish as an option, as well as the sporty Spyker Squadron GT2 color scheme. All a part of its plan to be the bespoke car for any discerning owner wishing for a special model. In terms of vital statistics, the car’s Audi-built supercharged 4.2-liter V8 offers up 525bhp.


With Spyker pushing so much on the style front, there might be a worry that the cars will be in storage rather than on the road, thus leading to the brand being unable to resonate with a wider audience. Muller was optimistic though, as he figured that “because these people do show their cars, among their peers – they’re our potential clients. Our owners are basically doing our marketing for us”.

Images courtesy of Newspress and Spyker

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