AquaJet H2: A New Diving Equipment For Water Sports Lovers

Do you enjoy water sports adventure? Now you can dive into the ocean with the all-new AquaJet H2 at ease to view the beautiful corals and sea creatures without having to swim those miles.

Mar 06, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

AquaJet H2: Underwater Scooter With Wings

Even flying through the water at ease is now possible with the newly launched AquaJet H2, the world’s first underwater scooter, featuring revolutionary wings modelled after those found on the most aerodynamic planes.

Launched in Indiegogo, the AquaJet H2 designed by Hoverstar, provides a fun yet incredible safe diving experience that allows users to cruise on the surface as well as experience gliding underwater, with a “minimal learning curve,” said the company’s Hoverstar founder and CEO, Edward Liu.

Designed in mind for professional divers, snorkellers and swimmers, the AquaJet H2 combines modern technology with intelligent design “to create a diving experience unheard of before in the world of diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) – diving equipment used by scuba divers to increase their range underwater,” added Liu.

Managed by an intelligent controlled motor, the portable AquaJet H2 comes with variable speeds and five safety controls – with the top speed maxing out at 5.6 mph (9km/h).

Sleek in appearance, the AquaJet H2 has an aircraft-style wings design that is capable of reducing drag and friction, thus resulting in a greater balance. With two switch controls: one controls the acceleration and the other controls the speed.

“The motor is powerful enough to ride along the ocean, something other DPVs can’t do, it’s also extremely quiet and doesn’t disrupt any surrounding ocean life,” added Liu.

With the extra long battery life, users can enjoy a better underwater surfing experience (over 100 minutes per charge) without having the need to worry about charging.

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