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Crystal Cruises to open Northwest Passage

The “World’s Best” Crystal Cruises is introducing a new expedition-style voyage traversing the Arctic Ocean via the legendary Northwest Passage.

Oct 03, 2014 | By AFPRelaxnews

Crystal Cruises Zodiac

Crystal Cruises has announced plans to become the world’s first luxury cruise liner to take guests through the Northwest Passage 805 km north of the Arctic Circle, a new route that speaks to the larger issue of climate change.

Beginning in 2016, the luxury liner will take guests on what it’s calling an expedition-style voyage navigating the legendary route that, until recently, remained an elusive passage frozen in Arctic ice.

But the effects of global warming have disintegrated parts of the route, opening up the passage and one of the world’s final frontiers.


And along with cargo ships, commercial cruise liners could soon make the passage a major thoroughfare in once impossible terrain.

 aims to be the first cruise ship company to launch a maiden voyage through the Northwest Passage in two years and will navigate the waterways lined with glaciers and fjords.

Ports of call include Kodiak, Alaska, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut in Canada and Greenland.

Crystal Serenity

The cruise – operated by Crystal Serenity (pictured above) – will sail for 32 days from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and finish in New York City.

Activities include polarbear-viewing, whale-watching, glacier-cruising, helicopter flights, golf and guided tours with natives, scientists and wildlife photographers.

Crystal Cruises says the itinerary was developed to serve as both a leisure and an educational experience, with activities created to spotlight the native Arctic heritage, arts, crafts, music and culture.


The liner will use low-sulfur Marine Gas oil fuel which they say exceeds environmental regulations, while an escort vessel will carry additional safety and environmental protection equipment.

Fares start at $19,755 per person, double occupancy.

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