Jim Thompson Debuts the Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter

The “Silk King” of Thailand has led an intriguing life prior to his disappearance and the newly opened space tells it all.

Sep 30, 2022 | By Joseph Low
Jim Thompson House Museum

Thailand’s iconic luxury lifestyle brand Jim Thompson is set to expand its universe with the unveiling of Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter. Situated alongside the renowned Jim Thompson House Museum in the heart of central Bangkok are several new additions to the brand’s universe: a “Museum About the Man”, Home Furnishings Exhibition, café and the Iconic Store.

Many of us would know Jim Thompson because of his sudden disappearance that till now remains an unsolved mystery. But equally intriguing is the life that he had led and the legacy he left behind. The American businessman is known in Thailand as the “King of Silk” for his relentless efforts in reviving the Thai silk industry, which during the 1950s and 1960s is a sunset industry. After a successful showcase in New York, the demand for Thai silk grew exponentially and soon he was able to open his first retail shop on Surawong Road in Bangkok.

The Man Himself Exhibition.

After a rewarding business in Thai silk, the astute businessman’s ambition grew and he ventured into other sectors to promote the beauty of Thai culture, traditions and the spirit of innovation inherent in the people. All of the happenings of the visionary man are encapsulated in the ongoing exhibitions in the residence-cum-museum of Jim Thompson. 

Despite Jim Thompson’s unfortunate disappearance, his grand plans for the brand continues on with the current leadership. Speaking more about the opening of Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter, CEO Frank Cancelloni said: “We are excited about this new chapter. This is not just any lifestyle brand; it was founded by an iconic man who revived the Thai silk industry. The project will be 100 per cent completed by April 2023 with the opening of a restaurant, a bar and a multifunctional hall, all reflecting the spirit of Jim Thompson.”

Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter.

For visitors, local and international, they will be able to immerse themselves in the rich history and beauteous architecture of Jim Thompson’s former residence. Aside from the highlight which is the “Museum About the Man”, the Iconic Store is a place to pay a visit as it offers over 6,000 products and exciting collaborative projects from menswear to womenswear and other accessories; some of these goods are exclusively available only at this Iconic Store.

Jim Thompson The Iconic Store.

Should you have a chance to travel to Thailand, be sure to bookmark and drop by the Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter.

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