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Top Restaurants Recreated as Works of Art

The newly opened San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is bringing a culinary tour around the world.

Jun 19, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

You will never have to set foot outside of San Francisco to enjoy cuisines created by culinary geniuses from France, Italy, Hong Kong, Denmark, Spain and Japan. At the triple Michelin-starred restaurant Benu, the gastronomic exhibit In Situ will bring diners on a journey like no other.

Under the guidance of chef Corey Lee, the exhibit-restaurant will showcase each award-winning chef’s dishes such as that of Massimo Bottura, René Redzepi and Albert Adria recreated faithfully. The menu will rotate between the chefs featured and according to seasonality. Diners will be able to sample the dishes that are chosen from the chef’s existing repertoire while others are created specially for the exhibition.

For those craving a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with Saint Nectaire cheese and black truffle from Astrance restaurant, you will be able to have your fix at the restaurant without travelling to Paris. For dessert, you can sample the works of Dominique Ansel. With his recipe for a smoked dark chocolate brownie along with other award winning recipes, diners are able to explore the extension of haute gastronomy. This collaboration allows chefs and restaurants to break down barriers set up by brick and mortar restaurants.

The space can accommodate up to 70 guests and is open during lunch hours but will expand to dinner in the future.

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