Freddy Chi: Care & Service At The Heart of Education

Freddy Chi believes that grooming the right students for society will be most paramount and stresses the importance of incorporating AI in the education system.

Mar 23, 2023 | By Joseph Low

Hailing from Xinjiang, China, Freddy Chi did not have the academic credo he required to gain a standing in society. He almost didn’t graduate from high school in 2013 but with support from his family and teacher, things turned around. However, in 2014, he made a big decision in his freshman year to switch his major to Human Resources from Micro Electronics. He preferred talking to people when dealing with human resource issues and that he could potentially change an individual’s path in life through this career.

When he snagged a work stint in New York City, he understood the importance of communication through email and how to gain respect from his co-workers by building a solid rapport.

Today, the 28-year-old is proudly working in the education industry, particularly, for Hitmaker Global Academy in China as the marketing director. At the academy, Chi provides consulting services in this music-focused international school. He is also in charge of executing projects and competitions, organising overseas study tours for students and providing help for students with their applications. His company also conducts International English Language Testing System (IELTS) classes in China. It is an internationally standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers; jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: ELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English.

Chi’s speciality, however, is in Service & Educational Consultation. He enjoys uncovering potential in the students he meets. He helps to boost students’ portfolios and ensures they have a suitable learning path for them to get enrolled in their desired universities. Many of the students have gained a better footing in the academic journey through the proper learning of the English language at IELTS.

Ups and Downs

When Covid-19 hit, the demise of Chi’s father and grandfather really pushed him to look after himself and ensure his family was well taken care of. He wasted no time in carving out his future in the education sector. The global pandemic taught him to be resilient and always to look forward. Another toll to his mental health was during the pandemic when China instituted that all classes would halt. He had to fire all the teachers and sat alone in his office thinking of what to do for almost three months.

He had to work part-time as an IELTS teacher during the day and as a DiDi driver at night. It was a humbling period for Chi. When quizzed about his most interesting achievement in his education career, he cites the two champion wins for the NFL China Flag football game when he was with the American football school in China. Chi is in the happiest mood when he gets to help build up students’ confidence and bring them to another level.

“Many of the students have self-doubt and that affects their confidence. It’s heartbreaking when a student’s spirit is crushed. I help them to see their potential and remind them that self-love is very important at a young age,” opines Chi. In addition, he mentions how he helped one student get his targeted IELTS score and the student’s face lit up; he was equally thrilled and felt the passion that came from this career.

Important Traits

Chi is always mindful of having the right traits in the education segment. There are five traits that he feels are critical: showing kindness as it goes a long way, understanding the meaning of respect — respect is built and also giving respect to people and seniors; never rejecting learning a new thing; being eloquent when speaking as it helps in many facets in life; and having empathy for others. He believes these traits will help one go far in life.

Looking To The Future…

Freddy Lim

He firmly believes he will still be in the education industry in the next 10 years. He already has a strong belonging to the school and its students. He also believes grooming the right students for society will be important. Chi has a deep respect for the education system in Singapore. He feels that the government cares for its people, rather than being mercenary. He also thinks that the Singapore education system is diversifying into other segments of teaching such as art and sports. Chi also stresses the importance of AI (i.e. Artificial Intelligence) in the education system, especially with the popularity of ChatGPT and the AI detector tools. He believes AI will be a disruptor in the education industry, however, he feels that teachers cannot be replaced.

“We still need face-to-face communication with our teachers to learn better. Facial cues from our instructors and teachers are important, especially at a young age,” explains Chi. Here is an exemplary teacher cum marketing director whom we call can learn a thing or two from. Through his empathy, we are assured that he will chart the course of many students’ lives through a good educational foundation.

Freddy Chi is the founder of ZenCity Education 赞诚教育, and works with Hitmaker Global Academy exclusively in Greater China.

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