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Boca do Lobo Designs the Swankiest Penthouse in Paris

Yes, sweet dreams are made of this.

Feb 24, 2021 | By Joseph Low

With working from home becoming the norm for many of us, it is not a surprise that we are going to pay more attention to our home’s interior designs. While the house is a place for respite, it should also be a functional space that inspires us. Therefore, it is paramount that we engage a team of designers that can do just that: melding practicality with comfort.

In a recent project by Boca do Lobo Design Studio, the team has managed to conceptualised a living space that fulfils that criteria. The one-bedroom apartment situated in the heart of Paris is decked with furnishings that reflect the city’s renaissance period. The French-style wall mouldings complement the classic windows frames ubiquitous to France, and together with hand-painted tiles and crowning touches of marble and gold finishings, the apartment is the epitome of luxurious living.

The apartment can be broken down into four sectors: Entrance Gallery, Living room, Dining Area and the Master Wardrobe and Bathroom.

A notable feature is the Heritage Sideboard that has been fitted on the sides of the entrance, just below the specially designed large golden mirrors. Complementing the tiles of the hallway is a Pietra round table that was carved out from white marble. Binding everything together is a gold chandelier specially chosen to bring a contemporary and futuristic touch to the entire space.

Living Room

The living room is a perfect blend of the classic and contemporary. Greek statues surround the space, calling to mind of Ancient Greece while the brand’s iconic Imperfectio sofa lends an avant-garde appeal. Overall, the cream tone of the textiles, the gold of the brass and the earthy hues of the marble bring out the impeccable balance and harmony to the room.

Dining Room

Transiting from the living room to the dining area, you will notice the imposing Empire Dining Table at the centre of the room. Complementing this exquisite dining table is the brand’s Nº 11 chairs which are inspired by the surrealist artists Salvador Dali and René Magritte. Not to mention the aureate mirror fitted at the side (called Glance Mirror), the entire room feels like a living art gallery waiting to be explored.

Master Wardrobe and Bathroom

Designed to mimic a lounge area, the master wardrobe includes two statement armchairs and a table that are placed atop a rug from Rug’ Society. The room invites you to take your time as you pick your outfit for the day.

Moving on to the bathroom, and the inspiration comes from the owner’s liking for a private spa experience. The green wall sets the mood for relaxation inside a bespoke Maison Valentina bathtub. There’s even a sauna area if you are looking to sweat it out and it is covered in luxurious marble walls and floor.

Now, who wouldn’t want to stay in a luxurious home like this? If you are interested to know more about Boca do Lobo, head over to their website here. They have a dedicated team that will make your dream home a reality.

All images courtesy of Boca do Lobo

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