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An Interview with Peter Van Vooren, Managing Director of Naka Island Resort & Residences

Van Vooren Resort & Residences on Naka Island is the perfect bridge between complete privacy and vibrant Phuket in Thailand.

Mar 23, 2018 | By LUXUO

When the project completes in 2019, guests can enjoy the beautiful sunset view and groove to their own favourite music at the chill out lounge. (Architect’s rendering of the Van Vooren Resort Naka Island in Phuket)

Van Vooren Resort & Residences on Naka Island

From fresh healthy cuisine to spa treatments and friendly people, indulge in the very best of Thailand’s gentle hospitality where service is unsurpassed. Phuket, being one of the most well-visited destinations in the world, the island remains a tropical paradise that continues to offer locals and globe-trotters a wonderful yet affordable getaway.

Introducing Van Vooren Naka Island Resort & Residences, the 5-star boutique hotel is nestled near the coast of Phuket, just five minutes away from Ao Por Marina. The concept of the Resort & Residences encapsulates the venues world-class beach position, taking in the spectacular view of Naka Island with crystal clear waters lapping the oceanfront beach.

Consisting of 32 private pool villas and a beach club, Naka Island Resort & Residences offer guests dining and beverage, services as well as entertainment. In addition, the strategic positioning of the property also lets guests relish the astonishing views of the beachfront as well, helping Naka Island thrive as a venue of growing popularity for visitors to Phuket. Moreover, the property is protected from strong wind with Phuket to its west and the mainland to its east, ensuring accessibility all year round.

At the inaugural Phuket Rendezvous 2018 hosted on January 4 to 7 at Royal Phuket Marina, has attracted a discerning audience of boat owners and potential buyers, property investors and lifestyle people interested in novelties. LUXUO caught up with Peter Van Vooren, Managing Director of Van Vooren Resort & Residences Naka Island to speak about one such unique location that travellers can consider adding to their bucket list.

With the founding of Van Vooren Resort & Residences, the property on Naka Island will once again be at the forefront in helping Phuket strive as a quality destination for both business trips and leisure.

The Van Vooren Resort Naka Island in Phuket is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Images: Architect’s rendering of the Van Vooren Resort Naka Island in Phuket

An Interview with Peter Van Vooren, Managing Director of Naka Island Resort & Residences in Phuket, Thailand

LUXUO: When did the idea of a resort came to your mind? And how did you find such a unique location on Naka island, just off Phuket?

Peter Van Vooren: I have always loved Phuket. Having invested in F&B businesses and smaller hotels here, I thought it was time to build something very special. Phuket itself has hundreds of hotels establishments but only a handful of them can be classified as truly 5-star establishments. I felt that there is a still a big gap in the supply, particularly in this sector, therefore, the idea of a 5-star resort came into mind.

Coastal land is very expensive and very hard to come by in Phuket, so my partners and I began to look outside the main island and this is when we identified Naka Yai island as a promising candidate for the project. We were surprised by how clear the water is given how close the island is to Phuket. We had many plots to choose from at reasonable prices. In the end, beachfront land on a quiet island, not affected by seasonal monsoons, and with connection to the main electrical grid; it was a no brainer to make this a suitable consideration!

Thailand has adopted tougher regulations on nature conservation, how did you ensure your project met all the required parameters to start construction?

In Thailand, legitimacy of the land titles is very important for any investor. Before signing, we had to be sure that the deeds are fully legitimate with no overlap of any public land or space. There were three independent checks carried out by ourselves, a consultant company and a law firm; all of which confirm the legality of land. An environmental impact assessment was then used to set the parameters for our architect to ensure that the design is in line with all relevant laws and regulations.

Tell us more about the architecture of this boutique resort? What makes it unique aside from its island-based location? Which architectural firm did you use?

It is based on a tropical modern style. Each villa comes with its own pool and concierge service. Each villa can be converted into a 2-bedroom unit to cater for a small group or a family. We used a local architecture firm who specialises in the design of small pool villas on the main island.

What price range are you looking at? And what profile will your audience have?

We are positioning ourselves at 500 USD per night. As the resort is located near the islands and main yachting infrastructure, we are looking for clients who enjoy peace and being close to the sea, without being too far from civilisation. You can say the resort offers the best of both worlds. We are also offering six beach-front villas for sale. They will be managed by the hotel and will offer buyers 6 per cent annual return for 10 years.

Can this concept of a boutique hotel be potentially developed in other markets?

Of course! The design and construction is perfect for any plot as the number of pool villas can be adjusted to fit the land. We would recommend a minimum of 30 units.

How did you like the PHUKET RENDEZVOUS event? Your project seems to have attracted lots of attention during the 4-day event!

We enjoyed it tremendously. It was very well executed and the organisers were the best part of the show!

Your favourite experience in Thailand over the years you have lived in the Kingdom?

It is definitely the people and also how the country is open for businesses. The latter is a big contrast to Europe at the moment.

If you were to name one mentor who has inspired you in your career, who would that be?

“Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.” – Robert De Niro.


Van Vooren is a hospitality holding and management company focussing on lifestyle, boutique hotels, resorts, residences, nightlife and F&B in Asia and Europe.

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