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Run-DMC Honours Their Late Member Jam Master Jay With A Special Limited Edition Vinyl

With only 500 copies available… the fastest finger will be lucky to own this masterpiece that commemorates the group’s legacy through the years.

Dec 09, 2020 | By Joseph Low

In a tribute to the late music icon and beloved band member, Jam Master Jay, the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC is releasing a limited edition 12” vinyl. There are only 500 of such hand-numbered editions available and includes popular tunes such as Walk This Way, Rock Box, Good Times and many more from their seminal album, Raising Hell.

The triad rose to fame during the golden age of hip-hop in the 1980s and was also the pioneering act to include live DJs and MCs. With that raging popularity, they became the first hip-hop group to achieve gold-record sales as well as the first hip-hop group to appear on MTV. Their nomination for the Grammy has also helped to pave the way for hip-hop to be accepted as part of the mainstream music and culture. 

This special record is done in collaboration with 12on12, and is titled as “12on12 RUN DMC” as part of the group’s celebration of Raising Hell’s 35th anniversary this year. While Run-DMC has decided to dedicate this record to Jay, the vinyl compilation is also very much about showcasing music that has inspired the trio as well as songs that embody their musical legacy. 

“There are so many things that influence and inspire us. Music is one of them. It’s a never-ending process… We are happy to showcase where some of it comes from! It all starts and ends with vinyl! If it ain’t vinyl…Then it ain’t vinyl!” — Run-DMC

In 2002, Jason “Jay” Mizell (aka Jam Master Jay), was shot in his recording studios in Queens and almost two decades have passed yet his murder remained unsolved even though two men were charged over Mizell’s death this year.

The vinyl features artwork from LA-based artist, Reena Tolentino and is available now on the official 12on12 website for USD $225. 

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