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Lugas Syllabus Wants To Remind Us That Life Still Goes With His Upcoming Solo Exhibition

The revered artist’s thought provoking artworks never fail to address the zeitgeist of the current times.

Mar 23, 2021 | By Joseph Low

Indonesia artist Lugas Syllabus is holding his solo art exhibition at Linda Gallery, Beijing between April 23 to July 25. Coinciding with the 5th edition of Gallery Weekend Beijing, the artist’s theme for the exhibition explores the concept of time. He wants us to be resilient and keep our heads high even in stressful situations like this because it will become a distant memory eventually.

Lugas Syllabus’ Yes We Still Have Time Exhibition Runs From April 23 to July 25 2021

“We will keep striving forward regardless of the current situation. The stories shall begin repeatedly, for the upcoming journeys that we will keep going ahead. Seeing the future through our belief and memories. Yes, we still have time,” says the artist. 

Oftentimes, art reflects the general sentiments of our current society. The emotions we feel and the problems currently happening are all captured through the different brushstrokes and colours artists use in creating their masterpieces. It’s not a coincidence that we look towards artists in trying times, generations before us have done so to help them navigate through the tough period. Likewise, the artworks are as much as a guide as it is a “Poetry of Hope”.

Be sure to keep a look out for this talented artist and stay tuned for his future exhibitions.

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