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The Ultimate Gift Guide for your Wedding Anniversary

Quality time is key

Feb 19, 2019 | By LUXUO

Anniversaries with your partner or spouse are always worthy of a celebration, whether you have been together a single year or for several years. You want to make each anniversary special and deciding on your way to celebrate in a memorable way can be part of the fun. You can choose an experience gift, which is becoming more and more popular, but it is always a good idea to incorporate a material gift that can be kept as a lasting reminder of your wedding anniversary date. Here are some ideas that are fun, romantic and classic.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for your Wedding Anniversary

A vacation treat

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Life is hectic, and with stresses of work and family commitments, it can be challenging to spend quality time together. This means that planning a romantic trip away with your partner to celebrate your wedding anniversary is a great idea, removing you from the daily obligations and stresses so that you can solely focus on each other. You can choose a couples-only retreat where you can create new memories as you reminisce about the year has gone by and look ahead to what you both want as a couple in the future.

Surprise, surprise!

A good surprise adds excitement and happiness to your wedding anniversary. This could be a new television that you saw them take a second glance at when you were shopping or a precious gift from Eternity Rose that can add glamorous décor to your home. Whatever gift you choose to buy, knowing that you have found something for you and your spouse to enjoy, or which could become a family heirloom, is a wonderful present to celebrate the occasion.

A romantic dinner for two

A candle-lit dinner seems to have never lost its charm over the ages. You can choose your favourite restaurant or return to the restaurant where you had your first date, if it is still open, to rekindle memories before real life took over. If the restaurant is no longer there, recreate the date as closely as you can. For something a bit different, there are restaurants where you can eat in total darkness which makes for a memorable experience and can be fun.

Alternatively, prepare a delicious meal at home where you can share the preparations and if you like, stagger the meal across the entire evening, perhaps taking dessert to the bedroom. Prepare a playlist of your favourite songs to include “your song” Put your phones on silent and close your gadgets so you will not be disturbed, dim the lights and light some candles as you share your favourite dishes.

Bright lights, all night

A night out dancing can be a great reminder of the early days of your relationship. A chance to get dressed up and be out on the town. Get tickets to see your favourite singer or band and make a night of it. Make it extra special by booking a night in a classy hotel close by, arranging for a bottle of champagne to be left in your room for your return from strutting your stuff on the dance floor.

If one or both of you feel like you have two left feet when dancing, be adventurous and both join a dance class to enjoy some intimacy, even if you feel a bit awkward at first. Choose a dance like a tango or a lambada for some close contact as you syncopate steps. This is a skill that can add fun to your relationship into old age, whether dancing at home or having a night out.

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