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Volkswagen People’s Car Project

The Volkswagen Hover Car is a zero-emissions two-seater that, no surprise, hovers over electromagnetic road networks.

May 09, 2012 | By Luxuo

Volkswagen hover car

The Volkswagen hover car is a product of the “People’s Car Project” in China, which called upon customers to contribute design ideas for VW’s model of the future.

The crowd-sourcing initiative debuted in China last year and, to date, has inspired 33 million website visitors to submit 119,000 ideas.

The hovercraft uses electromagnetic levitation to float along its own grid above the regular road network; distance sensors keep the craft from colliding with other vehicles.

The disc-shaped pod seats two people and is controlled by a joystick that offers amazing maneuverability. The car can move both back-and-forth and side-to-side and can even spin on an axis.

Automated safety features monitor the Hover Car’s surroundings and can take control if a potential accident is detected. The concept car produces zero emissions.

Source: huffingtonpost

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