Project 365 by Zhong Lin Celebrates Life and All The Moments In-Between

Through Project 365, Zhong Lin showcases her unique ability to present personal portraits in a way that transcends all limitations.

Jan 08, 2021 | By Julia Roxan

Zhong Lin. “Waterfall” (2020)

From the moment I stumbled across her Instagram page, I knew I had to honor what I saw somehow. In a world where we are constantly overstimulated and bombarded by fleeting images and stories, it is rare for a simple scroll to have such an impact on my subconscious – yet it does, and now here it lives, rent free.

With works featured across a multitude of publications including, British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, W Korea, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan China, and L’Officiel, Zhong Lin is a highly established Taiwan-based, Malaysian photographer with a keen eye for colour and a knack for spontaneity. Immortalizing the subtleties of the everyday, her celebration of life and all the moments in-between shine immaculately through each photograph in hues of red, orange, and blue.

Of all the words available at my fingertips, her latest work, dubbed ‘Project 365’ which showcases one shot a day from 23rd April 2020, is simply wow. Magnetic, revealing, and timeless, Lin possesses an unique ability to present personal portraits in a way that defies all limitations, thus sharing her distinctive vision of the world, beauty, and art through an unconventional approach.

Beginning each endeavour from a blank canvas, Lin is careful not to allow herself to fall into a specific category, but instead exhaust all aspects of her creativity and perspective through art. As such, her work remains open to interpretation, stretching far and beyond the confines of our visual senses and into a realm of endless possibility, where each photograph translates into undefined ardour.

All images by Zhong Lin.

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