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#OpenTheNow: Moët & Chandon launches new film campaign with Roger Federer

Moët & Chandon stars Roger Federer in its new camapign film ‘The Now’ to urge us all to celebrate every moment in life.

Dec 08, 2015 | By null

French champagne house Moët & Chandon has a new campaign that might be called Carpe Diem. Instead, it is called The Now and employs FedEx to deliver the thrills. As always, Roger Federer delivers. Here’s how our friends at Men’s Folio are describing this piece of bubbly news: Success always comes to those who keep looking forward but never forget about enjoying the present and that is the inspiration behind Moët & Chandon’s new campaign, The Now.

Life is all about seizing the moment in time that is ‘now’ and to revel in the thrill of living. To celebrate this incredible notion, Moët & Chandon released a new campaign film to urge us all to stop for a second to enjoy life as it is.

Used mainly for celebratory purposes, Moët & Chandon wants to break that notion down and show us that we never really need a special reason to pop a good bottle of champagne because everything in life is worth celebrating – be it a job promotion or just over brunch with family and friends.

This film (see above) titled ‘The Now’ stars Moët & Chandon’s global brand ambassador Roger Federer in a stream of celebrations around New York City to show us what defines ‘now.’

We have to say that we are convinced. After all, what can be better after a long day of work than a glass of bubbly from Moët.

Experience ‘The Now’ yourself at

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