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Kate Moss’ left breast used to shape Champagne glass

A London restaurant has created a Champagne coupe from a mould of British model Kate Moss’ breast.

Aug 26, 2014 | By AFPRelaxnews

champagne glass inspired by Kate Moss

To celebrate ‘ 25 years in the fashion industry, Mayfair’s 34 Restaurant worked with British artist Jane McAdam Freud to create a mould from the model’s left breast that was used to shape the bowl of the glass.

Freud is the daughter of Lucien Freud, who likewise used Kate Moss as a muse and painted a portrait of her nude during her pregnancy.

The coupe features an elongated stem, while the well of the bowl is etched with an Art Deco-inspired pattern, meant to evoke the curve of Moss’s breast when held at angle. The base of the glass is engraved with Moss’s signature.

Kate Moss is a fan of the Mayfair restaurant, as she celebrated her 40th birthday at the luxury dining destination in January.

Kate Moss Champagne Coupe

McAdam says she was inspired by the legend behind the original champagne coupe, the ‘Bol Sein’ from the 18th century, believed to have been modeled after Marie Antoinette’s left breast as well.

 will officially launch the glassware October 8 at the restaurant’s Emin Room and fill the coupes with Dom Perignon’s latest vintage, P2-1998.

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