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The Cornershop

Artist converts abandoned corner store into a temporary art exhibition

Aug 17, 2014 | By Staff Writer

British Artist Lucy Sparrow has revived an abandoned corner shop by converting it in to a temporary art exhibition. Upon first entrance, the shop appears to be fully stocked with nothing more than store basics. However, upon closer inspection, “shoppers” will discover that all the products in the store are actually made of felt. Her art exhibition, titled The Cornershop, features 4,000 hand-sewn felt products all made by the artist herself. Every average store good;potato chips, apples, cigarettes, magazines and pregnancy tests, were skillfully rendered in felt fabric. Even the cash register and pricing gun was crafted for the project. Sparrow took several months to full together her exhibition after raising 10,744 pounds via her Kickstarter campaign and successfully finding a deserted store space located in a lively market within Bethnal Green. Every single product is available for purchase online. 

The Corner Shop 6

The Corner Shop 7

The Corner Shop

The Corner Shop 1

The Corner Shop 2

The Corner Shop 3

The Corner Shop 4

The Corner Shop 5  The Corner Shop 8 The Corner Shop 9 The Corner Shop 10

The Corner Shop 11

Learn more about the project here

Visit the Artist’s Website here 

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