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Technological Prison

Felipe Luchi transforms commonly seen technology into jailhouses

Mar 23, 2014 | By Staff Writer

We often hear that our generation has become slaves to technology. In trains, buses and at silent dinner tables, people are constantly tapping away at their iPhones. The convenience that technology brings comes with obvious downsides: the loss of human interaction, contact and, some say, sincerity. In an ad campaign for Go Outside Magazine, Felipe Luchi brings the metaphor to life. Items such as the iPhone and computer mouse are transformed into grotty looking jailhouses entrapping people within as prisoners to their devices. Yet, Luchi’s pictures also offer solace and perhaps, hope. In every image, there is at least one prisoner who has escaped and broken out of the technological jailhouses. (Via Marvelous)

Prisoners Devices3

Prisoners Devices2

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