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Silent but Violent

Artists explore our fears and fascinations with castrophes

Oct 01, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Catastrophe never looked so sweet until you’ve checked out this installation. Set Designer Anna Burns has collaborated with photographer Michael Bodiam to form an art series inspired by nuclear catastrophes. They have created sculptures of nuclear mushroom clouds using marbles, flowers, balloons,fruit and other colourful small materials as their medium. Using such playful items to construct supposedly fearful images is disturbing, yet somewhat uncomfortably charming.“A rampant, self-perpetuating thirst for gore and mass-destruction still runs rife among the mass media and begs plenty of questions about our appetite for the mystery and mayhem of modern combat,” says Burns. “Are we hungry, enthralled or just anaesthetised?”

Silent But Violent

Silent But Violent 1

Silent But Violent 2

Silent But Violent 3

Silent But Violent 4


Michael Bodiam’s Website

Anna Burns’ Website 

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