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Artists Spend Two Years Carving Intricate Woodcut

Sep 06, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Passion and persistence can take you far. Artists Paul Roden and Valerie Leuth inspires with their intricate woodcut that took two years to complete. Collectively known as Tugboat Printshop, these artists have meticulously carved a woodcut of a landscape filled with pine-dotted mountains, rolling hills, fields and trees. This intricate woodwork, titled Overlook, is a product of a long process of meticulous carving, chiseling and envisioning. They artists began by drawing the design and then using small knives and chisels to carve into the surface of a 28″ x 46″ block. To give dimension and vibrancy to the block, 3-4 color blocks were added. The complex woodcut will be used to make limited edition color prints.The print will be available as a singular, diptych, triptych, or an entire room’s worth of wallpaper that shows the vista extending endlessly. Check out more designs from Tugboat Printshop here.


Overlook 1

Overlook 2

Overlook 4

Overlook 5

Overlook 6

Overlook 7

Overlook 8


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